Our story

Wafers are an integral part and a sweet reminder of every spa town. And it was precisely here in Piešťany, a town famous for being the largest spa town in Slovakia with a 200-year tradition, where our story began to unfold.
The development and production of machines for baking these unique spa wafers began in this town in the 1980s. After initial success, came a real boom and we gradually began to supply our technology to spa wafer manufacturers not only in Slovakia, but literally all over the world, including Germany, Mexico, Canada and the USA.

Our success is tradition

Along with the growth of wafers being produced on factory assembly lines, also came an increased interest in preparing homemade wafers. So in response we launched the OB-1 wafer-maker, in 2013, intended for home use. We used our rich 25 years of experience with wafer-producing industrial machines to develop a home wafer-maker that is extremely durable maintaining its high quality throughout its service life of several decades. And so this beautiful and tasty tradition can continue to be passed down from generation to generation.

Our company is guided primarily by the satisfaction of our customers and the uniqueness of our products. Their durability and first-class quality are more important to us than just a low price, which fortunately more and more people are aware of today. We believe that from now on you will also be one of those who appreciates the quality and value of our wafer-makers.